Multifamily Green Financing

Meeting Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD requirements

Fannie Mae’s Green Rewards and Freddie Mac’s Green Advantage programs offer reduced interest rates. To qualify, borrowers have to benchmark and report – annually – whole building energy and water use. Done manually this is a time-consuming and error-prone process, but WegoWise can automate it.

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Automating benchmarking compliance

The WegoWise platform manages reporting for green financing. WegoWise Sustainability Reporting services automate the collection and submission of utility data for performance verification on green financing. The service…

  • Assists owners with whole-building data collection
  • Provides thorough quality assurance of utility data
  • Prepares and submits required ongoing reporting to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD
  • Guarantees on-time and accurate submission

With WegoWise, lower interest rates and energy costs improve property value.

Complete utility data management

The WegoWise platform tracks a building’s energy use and efficiency through automated utility data collection, analytics, and actionable reports that compare over 6 million utility bills from buildings around the country. It takes the guesswork out of managing a building portfolio.

Capital Investment

  • Pinpoints inefficient and expensive buildings
  • Identifies asset improvement opportunities
  • ROI and retrofit measurement and verification

Operational Efficiency

  • Benchmark performance against a database of 1,000,000+ units
  • Utility spike detection
  • Dedicated energy analyst


  • Integrates with EPA’s Portfolio Manager for reporting
  • Automatically collects and reports utility usage data
  • Ensures quality and on-time reporting

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