Property Owners & Managers

Dramatically reduce your utility costs, improve asset value, and achieve a more sustainable portfolio.

If you're like most organizations, utilities are one of your properties' biggest operating costs. You want to improve net operating income and asset value.  You'd also like to create a greener, more sustainable portfolio.

But you have limited time to focus on energy and water efficiency. You need better data and direction in order to know where to spend time and resources. It can be really difficult to manage and measure efficiency initiatives in a systematic way across a portfolio.

It comes down to this: You need better information to achieve dramatic reductions in energy and water consumption.

That's where WegoWise comes in. WegoWise is an online platform that helps property owners, investors, and managers improve the energy and water efficiency of their portfolios.

Understand the utility performance of each building and prioritize the efficiency projects that deliver the best ROI

WegoWise benchmarks the energy and water performance of each of your buildings relative to one another and relative to comparable buildings outside your portfolio. Benchmarking provides a foundation for all of your efficiency efforts and helps you set priorities.

Identify spikes in usage so you can take corrective action

WegoWise helps you monitor energy and water consumption on a continuous basis and identify variances from expected usage. Monitoring helps uncover leaks, equipment failure, and operational inefficiencies so you can take action and avoid waste.

Manage your utility data automatically

The WegoWise platform automatically retrieves and updates bill data from your utility accounts on a monthly basis, freeing you from the time and burden of manual bill collection and tracking.

Organize your utility data in a central platform

Whether you're managing your company's sustainability program, fulfilling internal or external reporting needs, or just trying to get a handle on your utility spending, WegoWise is your central energy and water management platform, with easy-to-use tools for organization, analysis, and reporting.

Measure the impact of retrofit projects

WegoWise measures and verifies building upgrades using rigorous engineering protocols, adjusting for weather and quantifying the true savings from your projects - and we do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring an engineering firm. Clear, easy-to-read reports allow you to easily communicate the impact of projects to all stakeholders and make confident decisions about future project investments.

Showcase your efficient buildings

Receive WegoScores for energy, water, and carbon performance and "Efficient Building" decals to draw attention to top performers.

Automatically generate ENERGY STAR® scores and comply with energy disclosure laws

WegoWise seamlessly integrates with EPA Portfolio Manager. We make generating and updating your ENERGY STAR scores easier by automatically updating your utility information in Portfolio Manager. We can also provide soup-to-nuts compliance reporting for buildings that need to meet energy disclosure regulations.

Efficiency improvements in the multifamily and affordable housing inventory could save the U.S. $3.4 billion per year (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 2013). We’re working to make these savings a reality, serving as the premier tool helping the multifamily industry benchmark its energy usage, dramatically reduce its utility costs, and create more sustainable portfolios.

More than 27,000 U.S. buildings are already using WegoWise. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.